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The best time to transfer to the United States is sophomore

The best time to transfer to the United States is sophomore. Many schools require students must complete 60 credits to apply for transfer, general bachelor's degree required 120 credits, four years after a year, needs 30 credits a semester of full-time students can get credits for 12-18. This means that after the students only read a sophomore, enough to fix these credits, of course, there are some schools only require 30 credits, students who complete a course at home, you can apply for the transfer.
2, application materials
The materials required for the transfer are approximately the same as those required for the general application, but there are different requirements for performance. GPA is very important to apply for transfer.
Generally, students need to submit transcripts of university transcripts and transcripts of high school transcripts.
1, less than 24 or 30 credits (in a first half of the year, less than a year), most schools require SAT (Scholastic Assessment test, known as the American college entrance examination) results, because the application when a term performance has not yet been a result, therefore the audit focus on high school grades.
2, greater than 24 or 30 credits, less than 60 credits (freshman to sophomore), most schools do not require SAT, the audit focused on university grades, TOEFL next.
3, more than 60 credits (sophomore to junior), most schools do not require SAT, the audit focus for university grades, TOEFL next.
In the United States, each school has different rules for transfer applications.

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