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Applications for American universities require students to provide high school transcripts

Applications for American universities require students to provide high school transcripts, SAT scores, TOFEL or IELTS, teacher recommendation letters, personal private prosecution, and school required ESSAY. Schools provide these materials for students to decide whether or not they will be admitted, and these standardized grades and paperwork will determine what levels of the students can apply. In response to these necessary examinations and conditions, students are required to plan and implement them in advance.
The top 50 schools in the United States generally require students to prepare for the SAT test, where students can take tests in Hongkong or Singapore, 6 to 7 times a year. The top 50 schools should have a score of 1800 or more. For Chinese high school students, it would be better to start preparing for the first high school period. So decided to go to the United States to study in the future undergraduate, at least two years ahead of time to prepare. Smooth words, strive for high school in the last semester to the satisfaction of the school.
High school started, students should strengthen the TOEFL or IELTS English training, in the end of high school, high school began to achieve ideal results. Of course, during this period, do not ignore the results of the high school curriculum, good GPA accounted for 40-50% of the proportion of school applications. The average school requires 80 marks. And top schools best to achieve more than 85 points.
A versatile, responsible and caring student will surely be popular with the prestigious school. For those students who are ready to study in the United States, they have to pay more. In addition to achieving excellent results and standardized examination scores, it is very important for students to have quality, expertise and comprehensive ability. In class, it is best to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities and competitions, in order to enrich their experience. With these materials, excellent writing is presented to American college admissions officers and is favored by admissions officers. There are students because of a picture of Mount Everest, moved the admissions officer, successful study abroad.
The above work is best completed in the third year when the school, to apply for the opening of the school to apply for, in order to ensure that the quota in the case of abundant harvest admission notice of the elite. Therefore, good admission results must require definite time planning and full preparation. Students and parents who want to study abroad will be able to apply for the time and psychological preparation for American universities.

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