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China Economic Net Beijing on December 18th news (reporter Yang Kaixin) the past 2016 exchange rate fluctuations

China Economic Net Beijing on December 18th news (reporter Yang Kaixin) the past 2016 exchange rate fluctuations, coupled with international economic rebound is not obvious, governments have resorted to the invisible baton on the job market, bring a lot of influence on the students in a foreign country life. This year, accompanied by the escalating temperature of young students studying abroad, what important events happened in China's study abroad market? What good signals do all countries release in order to attract Chinese students? What trend will China's study abroad market take place in 2017?
In December 18th, Eic group released in Beijing "Chinese overseas market in 2016 and 2017 outlook" inventory report to Eic Group owned customer data as a basis for reference in America and Britain, Australia and Canada and other countries official data and related media reports, 2016 China overseas market overview shows, at the same time, the report also summarizes the domestic the new foreign policy as well as the main destination for those with hot events are closely related to the development and change of students, to study the market prospects for the 2017 China forecast.
The demand for Chinese students to study abroad has further sunk and extended
At present, Chinese students in many countries (the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and South Korea) rank first among international students. The education data show that in 2016, the proportion of students to pursue a master's degree and above school period is 56.4%, undergraduate study abroad students accounted for 27.7%, to go abroad to study in middle and high school students accounted for 7.5%, showing the current graduate students is still more than half China choice, but the age trend has been unstoppable. According to the 2016 open doors report, the number of Chinese students studying for an undergraduate degree in the United States for the 2015/16 academic year has surpassed that of a graduate degree for second consecutive years. In 2016, Eic education group statistics show that the proportion of young students studying in Canada (undergraduate, high school and below) is close to 75%.
Choose to read the business in 2015 the intention of the students is still the most, the proportion reached 41.2%, an increase of 2 percentage points; while reading science and Social Sciences, the proportion of students were increased by 3% and 2%, reaching 13% and 7%; medical students want to read the most significant increase, the proportion reached 5%. Although Chinese students love to get together at the University of choice, but in the subdivision of the professional choice has been diversified, 60% would choose a "French style" management specialty to France Chinese students, such as luxury management, tourism and hotel management, wine class management, supply chain management, culture and the art of management, sports management etc.. Go to Germany to study Chinese students, some 45% of science and engineering majors, Chinese students choose more five Engineering Specialty: Mechanical Engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, biological engineering.

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