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Study abroad now has been rapid development, studying abroad is no longer a niche choice

Study abroad now has been rapid development, studying abroad is no longer a niche choice, and become more and more people's choices, with the development of overseas market, 2017 abroad and what new trends? Look with abroad together.
"Ultra young study abroad" trend continues
With the increase of domestic family economic capacity, China countries for younger students to uphold the policy of opening to the outside world, such as the entrance of the Chinese recognized countries and schools gradually increase and other factors, will stimulate the increase of the number of young students; on the other hand, with the development of Chinese "The Belt and Road" policy, Sino foreign cooperative education demand in in 2017 there will be more foreign students to study chinese.
Foreign institutions to raise the threshold
Corresponding to the rapidly increasing number of applicants studying abroad, the difficulty of applying for study abroad is increasing and the competition is more intense.
According to the American Ivy League, its undergraduate enrollment rate is on the decline as a whole, and the top elite in other countries are no exception. Under intense competition, the admission threshold of foreign institutions has gradually improved, and more and more schools will require students to have third party report card certification, which will probably become a trend in the future.
Therefore, in addition to maintaining good school grades and good language achievement, students who are preparing to study abroad are required to upgrade their soft power. In the same hardware conditions, the school will give priority to practical activities, internships, research projects rich students.
"After study service" favored
Now, the definition of studying abroad is no longer a successful application and go abroad for further study. More students and parents are concerned about the development of studying abroad, and are willing to seek help from professional organizations. There are also more study abroad institutions offering academic guidance, cross-cultural adaptation, employment, immigration and other services after study abroad.
In the future, the international education institutions in the whole industry chain will become the trend of development, enabling students to achieve success from "successful study abroad" to "studying abroad.". On the one hand, this trend is decided by the necessity of reforming the service institution from abroad to the inside, on the other hand, it is caused by the change of customer's demand.

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