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What is the impact of the US election on studying abroad?

1, the Democratic Party
Basic position: minority rights, immigration policy, to provide more benefits to low-income families, improve the immigration quota of skilled personnel. The current democratic party is more likely to protect African Americans from Mexico and is less concerned about ethnic Chinese
Education policy: tend to the vulnerable groups policy, will also increase the teachers union support, university education is the key to the disadvantaged groups out of poverty, so Democrats will slightly generous spending on education. If the school funding is abundant, there is no greater pressure to recruit Chinese students as part of the funding sources, enrollment restrictions will be more stringent.
2, the Republican Party
Basic position: to exclude ethnic minorities by expelling illegal immigrants and armed borders.
Education policy: the state of fiscal revenue and expenditure tends to shrink, the investment of education funds will be more conservative. On the basis of financial difficulties, American universities will relax the restrictions on international students to expand the size of enrollment to make up for the vacancy.
PS: Although the Democratic Party's policy on immigration policy is more relaxed, but some Democrats put forward the policy of enrollment by race. About the Republican Party platform to solve educational problems mentioned increase participation in parent education, increase the choice and control of children in different schools parents and so on, the Democratic Party and class is to emphasize the education policy and the actual operation to professional advice and research based on the former study, no doubt more in line with the interests of parents.
Study position of candidate
Hilllary Clinton (Democratic Party)
Hilary elected to China, may adopt a stronger, smarter strategy". Hilary's first week as a candidate, she openly supports allowing illegal immigrants to get a driver's license. At the same time, in a Chinese questioning students when Hilary said "the United States government is the coordination of various departments, will propose measures to make future students easier to study in the United States, the United States more easily after graduation." Hilary has always been a high degree of emphasis on education, the Hilary administration, the United States is likely to continue to change from "management" to "public mode".

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