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School School of business (Henley Business), affiliated with University of Reading (University of Reading), is a small number of AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS three certified business school. [1] it was merged by the independent Henry School of management and the University of Reading School of business. After the merger, the existing 2 campuses: South Oxford County, Greenland and Redding Town, White Ness campus. 1945 to 1981: during the Second World War, many experienced businessmen questioned the idea that "leadership is born.". Thus, in 1945, at the Thames River in Henry, they established a management school, equivalent to the then military staff college. For many years, the school of management has become accustomed to being known as the Henry School of management. Henry School of management offers short courses, training managers to solve problems encountered in management. Viscount Hambledon III provides special Greenland (Greenlands) of land use rights, and outright ownership of. At the Henry School of business growth, school management consultant and writer Lyndall Urwick, Hector Hetherignton, Sir academic master Donald Banks civil servant and businessman Geoffrey Heyworth (later knighted) development model of Henry have had a far-reaching impact. The Henry School of business was awarded by its first president, Noel Hall. The purpose of the Henry School of business is to gather government, private and state industry managers to help develop their skills for senior management. With the success of the college, the Henry School of management has established many branch school in the world. Until the beginning of 1960s, with Henry as the template has many college in Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua, New Guinea, Philippines and Bangladesh, Garner formed a huge Henry School of management system.
1981-2008: in 1981, the college officially changed its name to Henry - School of management. In 1991, after the Royal Charter, renamed the Henry School of management. By 2002, the college became one of the few in the world to pass the three re accredited institute.
2008 to present: in 2008, the Henry School of management and University of Reading merged to set up the Henry School of business. The Henry School of business is also one of the world's leading full-service business schools. The Henry school include: College of international business and strategy, organization and behavior, marketing and the relationship between college, College of business information system and accounting information research center, including real estate and Planning Institute, ICMA center and senior manager training course.

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