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Swansea University (Swansea University) is an old tradition of the British public university, located in the United Kingdom, at Welsh City, was founded in 1920, formerly known as Welsh (Swansea University University of Wales Swansea), University of Wales is one of the league, 2007 out of the Union and officially renamed the University of swansea. The level of teaching and scientific research level of world-class Swansea University has a long history, high quality, had five consecutive years by the British Thames (Times) and London (Financial Times) named the top 50 famous universities in the uk. And, in the latest 2014REF (Research Excellence Framework) British universities academic research official rankings, Swansea University ranked twenty-sixth in the UK, the British study ranked the top twenty-second. The University also has a remarkable academic achievement, many graduates and diploma winners in the world arena to create a successful performance. There are more than 20000 students at the University, including more than 2200 students from around the world.
Swansea University was founded in 1920, as the history of Britain's twenty-ninth public schools established, with its excellent level of education and scientific research ability ranked among the best in the world, has a long and proud history in academic achievement and contribution to scientific research.
The university pays attention to the tradition, and emphasizes the modern teaching methods and scientific research methods. Has the world first-class equipment and facilities, the campus is located in Welsh capital, the second largest city in Swansea City, central Singleton park is located in the picturesque, walk 2 minutes to reach the beach. In the British "times" the first "best of British students experience" in the selection, by virtue of its excellent performance in the students' employment prospects, equipment and facilities, work satisfaction and campus life, among the top 170 universities in the uk.
So all of these make Swansea University one of the top universities in the uk. buy a degree, how to buy a degree, where to buy degree, fake diploma, fake degreeFrom 124 countries and regions in the world, the 2200 foreign students.
The university has extremely advanced teaching and research facilities. As a research university, there are many employees in their respective areas of leadership and world-renowned scholars, such as: the father of finite element - Professor Zinca Vecchi. At the same time with NASA, British Telecom, Airbus, SIEMENS, Ericsson, Microsoft, IBM, CISCO, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Texaco, Rolls-Royce and other world-class group and institutions widely for various projects of cooperation, to provide internship opportunities for students. All of these help to ensure that the Swansea University graduates have a high employment rate and excellent career prospects.
The campus has a first-class library, theaters, banks, Egyptian cultural museums, mosques and other facilities. Sports facilities include a value of 20 million pounds of British University Sports Village, the first Olympic standard 50 metre swimming pool and a golf course near.

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