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East was born in 1877, from the "Tokyo open schools" and the "Tokyo Medical University" in Meiji period with restructuring, the initial set of law, science, literature, medicine and four Department of a university preparatory school, is Japan's first national comprehensive university, is also one of the earliest Western Asia part of the Department of University, the earliest can be traced back to the period of Emperor Ling Yuan, as a direct result of capitalist civilization tide impact, the East in Japanese society has an important historical position. The school was renamed the "Imperial College" in 1886, the first Imperial University which is established in Japan; 1897, it was renamed the "Tokyo Imperial University", to distinguish the same year in Kyoto founded the Kyoto Imperial University; after the Second World War in September 1947, it officially named the University of Tokyo".
As of 2014, the east culture including 9 Nobel prize winners, 6 Wolf prize winners, 1 Fields prize winner, the 16 Prime Minister of Japan, 21 (Empire), speaker of the parliament of a large number of academic masters, business tycoons, political elites, in Japan's influence and visibility are There is nothing comparable to this. As one of the world's top universities, East in the 2016 CWUR World University Rankings ranked thirteenth in the world, Japan's first place in the ARWU world university rankings in the world's Academic Ranking of the world's top first in Japan, the world's top twentieth. At present, University of Tokyo has 10 faculties, 15 graduate schools, 11 research institutes, 13 University research centers, 3 libraries and 2 higher institute. In addition, the township, Bai komaba three main campus, University of Tokyo affiliated institutions throughout the country.
Meiji 10 years (1877) in April 12, 1877 04, the Tokyo school and the Tokyo School of medicine merged into University of Tokyo, founded a law, science, literature, medicine, four. In December 11, the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education) approved by the University of Tokyo awarded a bachelor's degree. In 12,, University of Tokyo, Bachelor of science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, medicine, medicine. 13 years 08 months, science, three of the Bachelor of the establishment, the Graduate School of University of Tokyo, the predecessor. 14 years in, the establishment of the statute of the University of Tokyo. 14 years, the Advisory Committee was established in 08. 19 years, buy a degree, how to buy a degree, where to buy degree, fake diploma, fake degree,renamed the Imperial University in 03. In the same month with the Engineering University, reorganization of the Imperial University, manage, medicine, industry, arts and science, five.
Meiji 19 years (1886) in the month of the year, the Institute of the development of the rules (within a period of less than 2 years of study) (04). The course of 19 years of the course of 04 months of university completed (law, engineering, arts and science at the age of 3 years, 4 years). 20 years, the right to confer a doctorate in 05 months. 21 years, the first time in the doctoral degree awarded (law, medicine, engineering, literature, science, each of the 5). 23 years 06 months of the establishment of the Tokyo School of agriculture and Forestry (Department of Agricultural University), increased to six. 30 years 06 months of Kyoto Imperial University was founded, the Imperial University was renamed Tokyo imperial university.

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