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The reason why graduating form America is too hard?

Recently, headquartered inPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, buy a degree,the thickness of benevolence education in NAFSA assembly issued a white paper on "2015 edition to keep present situation of Chinese students. They were investigated in 2013, 2014 and 2015 of the 1657 cases, some of these students were expelled by the poor academic performance is the main reason, accounted for 57.56% of the total sample; Academic dishonesty and ranked second in the fired reasons, accounting for 22.98% of the total sample. So if you want to graduate, Chinese students to do? The first thing to do well academically. Data shows that, how to buy a degree,the white paper is the leading cause of fire is academic performance is poor, so remind everyone must pay attention to the American colleges and universities for students to the minimum gpa requirement (university of the United States often USES four point), the requirements of each school is not the same. General undergraduate at 2.0 gpa can successfully registered the next semester, also can graduate. If a student does not meet requirements, the school will be given a yellow card, said its already on the verge of risk of being fired, if still fail at next term, so will be fired. White paper cases some of the students' grade point is very low, even has an odd,  where to buy degree, suggesting that they are almost all of the course assignments and exams are not score. Expelled from American university system is very serious, the test method of assault in the United States but it won't work. University in the United States, if you want to get good grades to finish every job seriously and every exam, accumulate over a long period. Second is to avoid academic dishonesty. Data shows that, the white paper "academic dishonesty" manifested in the students, is the second leading cause of expulsion, accounted for 22.98% of the total sample.In general, American university will open orientation sessions at the beginning of the term, teachers can tell students what is academic dishonesty in detail, and once break will face penalties. But with only a presentation, some students were difficult to be aware of the seriousness of the problem. In American colleges and universities, plagiarism, cheating in the exam, not only to collaboration  fake degree(for example, to answer), the sat, substitute, cheating, change results, retain the previous papers and forged tutor's signature is academic dishonesty, and also is a kind of brush. final note of academic norms. Some will refer to the articles of others but do not add comments to this university in the United States will also be considered academic dishonesty. So be sure to specification references. If again to finish the paper references, however at this time it's hard to think of each point is from which paper, but will also miss note some viewpoints, inadvertently academic dishonesty. Stack provides a good way to long, as you can when writing a paper to write while listed references, so naturally finished writing the reference fake diploma, To avoid the minefields, believe everybody study abroad career will be much smoother, save a lot of wrong trouble, and graduate.

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