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It is too hard to study in America for Chinese students

American colleges and universities complain that Chinese students because of language and cultural barriers, not only difficult to blend in local society, but also a teaching burden. American colleges and universities in order to increase their income, buy a degree a lot of recruiting international students, including the largest percentage of Chinese students. According to the national nonprofit institute of international education, the United States last year from a global enrolled 5000 students, 970000 about a third from China.Influx of Chinese students in the United States, accept higher education, this seems to be a win-win situation. Chinese students get the diploma in the United States, they want American colleges and universities to charge their fees. A student's tuition is the state of two or three times. However, the Wall Street journal reported on March 17, American university students in China, how to buy a degree, not fully consider their quality, a large number of the rapid influx of Chinese students, more than the absorption capacity of American university. Professor of Chinese history at New York university Rebecca Carl told the Wall Street journal, she had to for Chinese students to adjust their teaching content, the teaching burden on her. She said, a lot of Chinese students \"did not prepared to study abroad\", \"they almost don't know how to get to the analysis,where to buy degree it is difficult to complete analysis of the basic requirements of thinking and writing.Many said professor, Chinese students in the classroom or saying nothing, fake diploma language is not clear or questions, don't know what they really want to ask. But Chinese students also feel study hard, and some professor impatience with their questions. On the other hand, some Chinese students to study abroad experience disappointment. For example at Oregon state university, a 25-year-old female students from Beijing, said she take accounting section, there are 11 students, only four students in the United States. After, she said she didn't want to come to the United States, or with Chinese classmates in class. Reported that at Oregon state university four years, the number of foreign students has doubled. The university's business school master's degree in accounting is one of the most concentrated professional Chinese students, Chinese students over American students. Worries, a professor said: \"I is to adhere to the teaching goal, or modify\", in order to better adapt to Chinese students? Some university is considering raising admissions  fake degree standards to ensure that the listening language ability of students can participate in class discussions. But to do so, some universities take the toefl score increased from 80 points to 80 points, after the international student enrollment has fallen by 25%. The Wall Street journal, the report also noted that some wealthy Chinese students living in the parents for their study abroad buy a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, driving a BMW and lamborghini car roared, neither into American society, also cause dissatisfaction with the other Chinese students, and become a stand out in a group.

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