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How to get a degree in shortest way?

 How to get a degree in shortest way?Went to U of Utah for undergrad(1where to buy degree, fake diploma, fake degree,1992-1998) and ended up leaving before finishing my Bachelor's to pursue a job opportunity. My preference would be to do it online on my own time, but a school with night/weekend programs could work as well. I'm disciplined enough to be able to do online coursework. I want the institution to be something I can proudly put on my resume. I'm ok with taking classes at a community college here to fulfill my general ed and anything else How to get a degree in shortest way?before transferring in. Cost is a consideration, but not a showstopper.
I did horribly in school (2.3 GPA) and had about 108 semester units. Now, I'm older (40 yrs) and arguably wiser and want to get my Bachelor's degree to possibly go after an MBA. buy a degree, how to buy a degreeI live in Santa Clara, CA now (Bay area) and work full time. I'm trying to figure out the fastest/easiest way to get a Bachelor's degree from an accredited school that also looks good on a resume and that I can use to pursue a higher degree.

Why do I want to do this? Career advancement and frankly in part because I feel embarrassed anytime the discussion of college comes up at work, since I'm the only person at my level who doesn't have their degree.
Best diploma sale company,offer fake diploma,fastest way get a degree, high quality degree, we have already sold more than thousands degree in all over contries. Seeking degree in business or possibly computer science related. I work in software development as a manager, so I'm thinking either would be helpful/relevant.How to get a degree in shortest way?
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