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Student targeting Australia ivy looking to experience the world-class education

 To be from flat Boolean girls' school (Pymble Ladies' College) graduated beam nicky (Nikki Liang, transliteration), was admitted to harvard, Yale or Columbia University is her goal, which is by confronting has been inspired by the examination of an ivy league school classmates.

I want to experience the feeling to be surrounded by people interested in the event.Throughout the &;Liang said nicky.She says she is accidentally made this decision late last year, when a friend told her to attend the university entrance exam the SAT test.According to the results, you can also, she says, thought the application process won't be too hard, discovered actually very complicated, but to now she is dealing with the application, while preparing for Australian HSC test.The more the more so, but she said she wanted to go to study in the United States.As beam nicky, now more and more students thinking about a visit to Australia in overseas study for a bachelor's degree, and ivy and other famous universities is becoming more and more interested in Australian students.
Students are to go to the United States, Australia and did a good job, it attracted the attention of the university of.The U.S. consulate general in Sydney McGuire, director of public affairs (David McGuire) said.He pointed out that Australia has received the good education in middle school students, the same language, and America had a similar culture.
In 2014, a study in the United States increased by 6%, the total number of people reached nearly 4500 people, including more than 1500 Undergraduate study for a bachelor's degree in the United States.In may this year, from the University of Chicago, University of Chicago) and Johns Hopkins University (John Hopkins University) of representative and education committee (Board of Studies) and plan to apply for student met, and from Princeton University, duke University, Columbia University, Georgetown University and northwestern University representatives will be in September to visit Sydney.
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