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Singapore: College high proportion of foreign teachers , local teachers feel worried

 In recent years, Singapore has increased Universities rankings Universities in the world rankings, buy Singapore certificate, buy Singapore VISA and Passport.  buy Singapore university degree certificate. thanks to its strong technological strength and international perspective . Singapore also attracted many overseas students and excellent teachers. However, many scholars believe that a large number of Singapore employment overseas scholars and researchers will lead to imbalance in the ratio of domestic and foreign scholars and academic posts and worry about promotion opportunities will be inclined to overseas scholars . Data show , a professor of political science at the National University of Singapore (National University of Singapore) , only slightly more than a quarter of Singapore scholar. In some critical and sensitive areas of political science , communications and public policy , the proportion of local staff is also less than half.

Buying a Singapore diploma to get a job, The high proportion of foreign teachers in Singapore raised its domestic concerns and complaints of academic staff . For Singapore doctoral academic prospects for small -scale survey in a cognitive it found that 44% of respondents believe that Singapore Universities tend to appoint foreign teachers . Some respondents think that this emphasis and attention with Singapore about university rankings , universities eager to hire " academic biggest names in children " to improve academic yield , get research funding to increase the international visibility. There are some respondents said that Singapore Universities tend to contribute to improve the ranking Appointment of fame scholar , rather than the fledgling graduates. In addition, the findings also show that the Singapore College of scholars studying abroad returning little interest in Singapore , do not want to train and retain local scholars and that is put in more effort . Local scholars complained in private and public funds should not be used to recommend hiring overseas employees and payment of foreign grants.

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