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Higher education faces many challenges, buy university degree certificate in Pakistan

 Higher education faces many challenges, buy university degree certificate in Pakistan. buy fake Pakistani university diploma, Pakistani university academic transcript. buy bachelor degree in Pakistan,  buy Pakistani MBA certificate. Recently, the Association of Strategic Studies Islamabad (Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, ISSI) on Pakistan organized a higher education and socio-economic development seminar. Commission on Higher Education (Higher Education Commission, HEC) Chairman of Javed Legge Harry (Javaid R Laghari) study on the key issues facing higher education to do a comprehensive overview. He proposed that the Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, ADB) said in a 2050 outlook report that Asia, the fastest-growing economies in Asia seven countries as Korea, Japan, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, Pakistan still far away from these countries. At the same time, he noted that India's population is six times in Pakistan, India's gross domestic product (GDP) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Pakistan, but were 10 times and 22 times. Given the direct relevance of education and national socio-economic development, Legge Harry pointed to the existence of Pakistan in the field of education and research challenges, including higher education enrollment impartiality, quality and standard of education, teaching and research as well as research staff at the university building the important significance. 

He further noted that the number of registered education Turkey, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and India are 10 times as much. Compared to 7 percent in Bangladesh and 12 percent in India, Pakistan's higher education gross enrollment rate (Gross Teritary Enrolment, GTE) only 5%, even lower than the 5.2% in Togo, and the first in Asia to reach South Korea 95%. In India, all universities have PhD degrees, while only 20 percent of Pakistani universities have this qualification. Owen also be noted that higher education institutions (Higher Education Institutions, HEIs) has moved from the traditional role that conduct research and higher education, innovation and enterprise to spiritual transformation. Now, HEC is facing new challenges, such as the importance of teachers and curriculum development to realize the spirit of enterprise and innovation, professional-centered development, link universities and industry, market research, regional and global cooperation, effective funds and grants and innovation policies at the national level. Earlier, ISSI Director Ashraf Katz (Ashraf Jehangir Qazi) stressed in his brief welcome speech the importance of education in the political development in Pakistan and Pakistan raised the need for education reform.

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