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GPA requirements are necessary to an American college, even from graduate to PhD

 To apply for American university, graduate to Dr, GPA is necessary requirement.

Even in the United States, the good university GPA requirement for students still sober. Cadbury world study abroad experts point out that, to apply for the undergraduate course, the students in high school grades are best to reach more than 70 points. While most American graduate school of the applicant's GPA minimum requirements is 3.0.
Both domestic and foreign applicants, GPA is below 3.0 are absolute indifference. For the top 20 schools, more demanding, basic to above 3.6. Ranking of around 50 schools, is GPA requirements are necessary to an American college, even from graduate to PhD. buy American university degree certificate and transcript. more than 3.3 "pass". During to Dr, basic it is outstanding students of the world, the requirement of GPA nature is needless to say.
GPA is too low, probably did not even have to learn
According to the requirements of American universities, the undergraduates for two semester GPA lower than 2.0 or graduate student, you get fired for two consecutive semester GPA is below 3.0. Cadbury world study abroad experts point out that, failure or embarrassment of student, more than fifty percent and low GPA have direct relation.
GPA is too low, it is easy to been fired or even failure.
Job to apply for the degree avoided GPA? Not like that...
There have been more than a classmate and our adviser said, as long as it is TOP20 school, even if the GPA only 2 points a few must also can be big companies in the ranks. Every time I hear this argument, small make up also can only bless the students on the way of "spell dad" smooth sailing.
Although this topic about finding a job, the standard answer is: "all the people, experience is the most important".
But the feeling of the work in the United States is: GPA high and low to graduate, don't have much experience of international students is very important. Many competitive position in the company, basic it is with GPA first brush away a group of people (such as the beginning of the article's case), consider experience again. In other words, there is no high GPA may even pass the first resume screening.
At the same time, many employers believe that school in the United States high GPA can initially the candidate's ability level. Although the academic environment in the United States does not rule out "high score low-energy", but for specific industries such as law, engineering, statistics, and so on professional, GPA and can directly reflect whether you have to complete the specific skills and ability to work well.
For employers, this is the first level to evaluate your abilities.  
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