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Chinese students studying in pressure to commit suicide jumping into lake Aspects

 According to U.S. media reports, a few days ago, a Chinese student to attend the university of Chicago business school in the United States by reason of their pressure, ending his young life in the cold water of lake Michigan.It caused the attention from all walks of life, in recent years, there are quite a few students in the study abroad can't bear heavy pressure or psychological too fragile, and chose to suicide.

The Chinese students suicide event to cause our reflection, what caused the Chinese student's suicide?

First of all, let's look at the source pressure of international students.Along with the increase in number of Chinese to study abroad, appeared at his own expense and the characteristics of the civilian, and Chinese students in the mental health problems are also highlighted, anxiety, depression, interpersonal problems appeared in the among Chinese students.
Many parents believe that provide enough financial support is ok, other things need him child to run!But parents do not understand, money is not everything.Money can't drink children mental communication effectively.

Chinese students studying in on a tour of the moment, will be alone in the face of unfamiliar environment, strange people, strange language, this will let children inherit the psychological pressure is very big, if the child has a strong psychological, can adjust themselves, maybe the problem is not big.But if the child psychology to bear ability is poor, for he will be a very painful thing, as time passes, it's easy to have a more questions.

Questions about the source of the Chinese students of pressure, I want to from the aspects of social adaptation, cultural differences between China and the United States, academic stress and emotional to talk about.
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